State of the Grinch

For years I’ve complained about journalists misusing the Grinch metaphor around the holidays. Every evil-doer is a Grinch if the crime involves holiday anything. What they miss is this: to be Grinch-like, you must not just seek to ruin someone’s Christmas, but in the end, discover the holiday’s meaning and find redemption. A few examples of misplaced Grinchitude: … Continue reading State of the Grinch

Grinch Season

Yes, it’s Grinch season, that time when unimaginative reporters overuse the Grinch metaphor. Experienced scribes know that a good story needs a bad guy, and this time of year labeling someone “Grinch” is a handy tag. Grinch Robs Elderly Oakland Couple’s Home While They Slept Grinch Destroys Christmas Decorations Cops replace Sick Girl’s Christmas Lights … Continue reading Grinch Season

Grinch Alert!

Welcome to Grinch Season, that special time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas when every idiot and evildoer is dubbed a “Grinch” in newspaper an TV stories. Is it overused? You can be the judge —but here’s a glimpse of what’s going on in the Grinchosphere this week: Grinch Goes After Inflatable Decorations in Kerrville … Continue reading Grinch Alert!

I Hate Rudolph the Reindeer

It’s troublesome that people are choosing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer over The Grinch Who Stole Christmas in the Times Union’s Most Specialest Holiday Specials Face-Off Ever. Troublesome because I hate Rudolph. Hear me out. Yes, Rudolph is endearing — and many of you have a soft spot for it from when we were children — but behind … Continue reading I Hate Rudolph the Reindeer