A Menace to Little White Dogs

My dog, Maddy, goes a little nuts when she sees little white dogs. And I don’t mean nuts in the good way.

Small, white, yippy pooches set off something in her head that makes her want to reign them in. Also not in a good way.

No, what she wants is to get up in their face and make them submit. It’s the herding instinct. She was meant to bring order to chaos, and as you can imagine, this does not go over well with the owners of little white dogs. Little white dogs, by the way, look a bit like sheep.

I don’t go to the dog park to chat. A lot of people like to stand around and BS with the other dog owners, but not me. Instead, I head off to a quiet corner and and throw the ball for my dogs — so the last thing I want is to explain to people why Maddy is being a nuisance.

“Uh, oh! She wants to herd your dog! Sorry — it looks like a sheep. Hahaha.”

They don’t usually find it intriguing and wonderful that my dog think their precious little ball of white fur is a sheep. To the untrained eye, herding doesn’t look constructive, especially not when there’s a flock of one — and it’s your dog being herded.

But she can’t help it, she’s just a dog, so when she does what she does it’s time to get back on the leash. The dog park is nice, but it’s not the same as running around in a pasture, with real sheep and a real job to do. As if I don’t feel guilty enough, already.

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