A Note to Times Union (and other) Bloggers

There’s some nasty garbage that passes for dialogue in the comment section on the TU blogs. It’s hard to blame the staff at the paper for approving that stuff. After all, business is business, and it’s more interesting to read awful comments than nice ones.

But this is about the blogs written by you volunteers. To you I say, delete, delete, delete.

It’s not unusual for anonymous commenters to launch personal attacks against bloggers, calling them names and denigrating their work — what’s unusual is that the comments get approved. Why would you allow something rude and abusive to be published?

Purists and blogging “experts” insist that aggressive comment moderation, like that practiced at All Over Albany, stifles conversation. I say it uplifts the conversation. Here are their two simple rules:

The first: be kind. The second: treat everyone else with the same respect you’d like to see in return.

Is that such a radical policy?

Look, I’m not suggesting you delete comments that disagree with you, just those that do so disagreeably. Nobody has the right to insult you.

Just hit delete. What are they going to do, fire you?

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