A Solution to the Downtown Parking Problem

To: Maiden Lane Parking
From: Rob Madeo
Re: Garage at 11 South Pearl Street

First, let me say what a fan I am of your parking lots and garages. Judging by their immaculate upkeep and attentive customer service, it’s obvious that your company takes great pride in the facilities you operate.

That is why I’d like to join the ranks of your satisfied customers.

For a quarter century I was able to park just a few steps from my office. That changed in September. Now getting to work means parking on the outskirts of Albany and climbing on a shuttle bus to get downtown.
As you can imagine, this is very inconvenient, especially on days when I’d prefer to have my car nearby.

From my office window I’ve noticed that the spaces on the roof of your garage at 11 South Pearl Street are underutilized. I am guessing this is because customers would rather not park where their cars will be exposed to the elements.

In order to better use your resources and address my parking situation, I am proposing to pay you $50 per month for the privilege of parking on the roof of that garage. I realize that this is significantly less than the normal rate of $140 per month, but as they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Additionally, leasing me a space will reduce the inventory of available parking in Downtown Albany. This will have the effect of increasing the value of your property.

Please let me know if this sounds like an agreeable arrangement. I’d be willing to begin on Monday, June 7; I’m sure it would be a most satisfactory relationship for both of us.

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