A Very Special Story

Were you one of the people who shared their special Knickerbocker Arena/Pepsi Arena/Times Union Center memories? Me neither — but I do have a special place in my heart for the Albany Choppers.

The Choppers played in the International Hockey League, which is international in the same way Albany Airport and IHOP are international.

This was back in 1991 when my son Alex was just a wee lad. I took him to a Choppers game one night and there were maybe 400 people in the 14,000 seat Knickerbocker Arena. A crowd of 400 and somehow two old guys ended up sitting right in front of us.

Anyway, he was what? Three-years-old? I’m not sure if it was the popcorn, or the ice cream, or the hot dog. Maybe it was just the excitement of IHL hockey. Whatever the reason, he suddenly barfed up everything right in the middle of the second period.

It was everywhere. On me, on him, on the two guys in front of us. He started crying so I did what any good father would do: I scooped him up and ran. I looked over my shoulder on the way up the steps. The two guys in front of us were completely oblivious.

So here we are nineteen-years-later. If you’re one of the guys who went home from an Albany Choppers game smelling like vomit and couldn’t figure out why, I’m really sorry.

So, there’s my special memory of the Knick Arena. Are you moved yet?

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