ARA: How Many Times Have You Written About Dog Poop?

poop bag - photo by rob madeoA reader asks:

Have you ever tallied up how many times the subject of dog poop, picking up dog poop, etc is mentioned in one of your blogs?

That’s a great question, BL. I already knew that dog poop was a running theme in my blog posts, but I’d never actually bothered to keep track. I added them all up and did a little content analysis, throwing in cat poop just for good measure. The results were sort of stunning!

Term Mentions
Dog Poop 24
Dog Crap 6
Cat Poop 5
Cat Crap 1
Dog Poop Mentions in Comments 36
Feces 4
Total 76

The interesting thing is that whenever I mention dog poop, it gets a lot of response. This is obviously something that people find interesting. And anyway, they say write about what you know, and people, I know about dog poop.

Please rest assured that I would never talk about dog poop just to get hits — well, I might if I were paid to write this blog. If they paid me to do this I’d totally pander to the dog poop lovers.

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