Bat Woman

Estimable Times Union blogger Roger Green wrote this week about bats bringing chaos to his home sweet home. If you’ve ever had a bat in the house, you know how disruptive it can be, even though they are just tiny, little, winged insect eating machines.

People are afraid of bats on a visceral level, but the truth is that you should be wary because they may carry rabies. How do you know a bat is rabid? You don’t, so it’s best to get them out of your house — even if it is fun to watch the cats chase after them.

The New York State Health Department made this video to show you how to catch a bat in your house. Watch how this woman fearlessly takes on the bat, presumably after her husband ran from the room screaming like a little girl. That’s him standing outside the door handing her bat catching supplies.

Gentlemen: if you find a gal who can catch bats, she’s a keeper.

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