Bathroom Habits of the North American Mysophobe

How many of you use nifty tricks to avoid coming into contact with anything in the men’s room?

Not that I have a problem touching filthy, germ covered objects in a place where guys have been handling their privates and wiping themselves with flimsy paper. No, that doesn’t bother me at all — this is just purely hypothetical.

This video I produced demonstrates both the One Elbow Urinal Tap and the ever-popular Foot Flush.


If you are especially limber, you might try a Foot Flush on the urinal, but remember: if you fall in the men’s room you’ll need to burn your clothes.

Anyway, you should never touch those things with your hands, except at home. Well, you probably don’t have a urinal at home, unless you are Matt Baumgartner.

One more thing: always exercise caution when shooting video in public bathrooms. A little common sense goes a long way.

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