Big Bang Theory

Fireworks figured large in my youth, and not just on the Fourth of July. We were always blowing things up and doing various stupid things with firecrackers and bottle rockets. It always went pretty well — except maybe for the time we lit the Clancy’s tree on fire. Sorry about that.

Model cars and airplanes were always a big part of these antics. You’d spend hours putting something together, painstakingly sanding, painting, and gluing, only to take it behind the shed, cram it full of firecrackers, and blow it to smithereens.

Everybody I knew did this — but if a kid caused that sort of trouble today, he’d be packed off to see a shrink.

Anyway, the one thing we didn’t have were video cameras:

Please have a safe Fourth of July. If you get a chance, take five minutes to read the Declaration of Independence.

8 thoughts on “Big Bang Theory

  1. I once set a fire cracker off in my room in a coffee can…..huh, what? can’t hear a thing.

  2. God knows, the Declaration needs reading and learning. Seriously. The Constitution too. People are just losing their rights left and right and not blinking an eye at it.

    (See bit about kid doing that today would get shipped to a shrink. I live in dread of the day my grandson gets charged with sexual harrassment in grade school for flirting with some cute girl or holding her freaking hand or something. He had two girlfriends in first grade or at least told me he did; I hope he stays out of trouble in 2nd and 3rd.)

  3. Done.

    Go read, everyone, and be reminded of what led to this country’s formation. There’s all too much thinking that it was about taxes when there really was so much more to it and more grievious wrongs that led to rebelling against England.

    Happy, free Independence Day, everyone!

  4. To give you some idea of my twisted adolescent years in the
    late 60s to mid 70s, my buddies and I would blow up doggy-do
    with firecrackers. One pal took a flying piece of canine
    ca-ca square in the mouth. I have never laughed so hard,
    he is still in the shower.

  5. Made my own bottle rockets as a kid, sorta. I’d tie a sparkler to a wooden arrow light it, or did I con my sister into lighting it, and shooting it skyward.

    I still remember the night that the angle of decent was not 180 degrees as planned, but vered slightly off course and landed in the dry grass of what would somday become our proposed rail trail. Talk about a mad dash to get a couple of buckets of water to quench the “added attraction” before the Sheriff of Nottingham was needed!

    Happy Birthday America.

  6. This morning we noticd our mail box was open…no mail today..sure enough, someonhad blown up firecrackers in our mailbox. No damage, but still a federal offence….man I sound old.

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