Bits n’ Pieces

On days that I have nothing to say, I enjoy leafing through my notes and fishing out some unfinished nuggets. More proof that there is seldom a good answer to the question, “What was I thinking.”

1/4/09 At the risk of making William Shakespeare roll over in his grave, the fault is not in our dogs, but in ourselves.

10/1/08 Yes, David Blaine is amazing, but he’s also amazingly annoying.

4/19/08 I’ve decided it would be good to to connect with my Jewish brothers and sisters during Passover so I bought some matzoh at the supermarket.

4/13/08 I bought my bike at a garage sale for $10. It’s a green Raleigh Sport that, according to the internet, was built in 1967. Does England manufacture anything these days except for soccer hooligans?

4/3/08 Ski season’s over . This is the first year I’ve ever worn a helmet. I mentioned this to a guy I know who’s a neurologist. He’s like, oh that’s great. This way if you hit a tree you won’t be dead, you’ll just be brain damaged. Hahhahaha.

If anyone has any idea where I was going with this stuff, you know where to find me.

3 thoughts on “Bits n’ Pieces

  1. Hope you were kidding about the English hooligans; that’s a long gone era, and these days America has taken over.

  2. Of course! Just playing on the old worn out stereotype. Everyone knows that today’s English football supporters are a moderate and well behaved bunch.

  3. Yeah, it’s now the Iraqi soccer players that will shoot you if you look like you are a good kicker.

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