Cat Catch Fever

Gertrude of Nivelles is the patron saint of cats, but I think I will nominate Ann of Glenmont as her backup.

This is a picture of Lucky, who just a week ago was living in the wilds of Albany with her two cat siblings and cat mom. My wife, Ann, had for weeks been putting out food for the little feline family who’d taken up residence in the woods at the edge of her parking lot at work.

Feeding them is nice, but it doesn’t do anything to break up the sad cycle of a booming feral cat population; that requires dramatic action. And dramatic action she took.

Over a period of several days, she managed to catch both the mother cat and the kittens. One at a time she picked them off, patiently setting a trap baited with cans of 9Lives. Mom is now at the shelter, recovering from being spayed. The kittens? All three will be spending time with the new families Ann found for them.

Rescuing some unwanted cats is a little thing that alone won’t really make a huge difference. But I think if we all claim responsibility for something in this world, even something insignificant, that is a good thing. Too many people claim responsibility for nothing.

Note: I have to admit that I’m also happy they aren’t all living in my house; that would put us way over the quota for sane cat ownership.

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