Cesar Millan I Ain’t

The picture says it all.

We were watching The Dog Whisperer while waiting for the Olympics to come on the other night. Cesar Millan was teaching some poor schmoes about how they need to take charge of their unruly dog. These people made great progress with the pooch — but you could tell by the way they looked at one another that this couple would end up divorced eventually.

Mr. Millan would not be impressed if he saw what was going on in our house. Dogs with their heads in the dishwasher, dogs all over the bed, dogs deciding when it’s play time, dogs who are constantly the center of attention.

In Cesar’s world, we are supposed to be the leaders of the pack, and the dogs are the supposed to be the followers. But is it really so bad to indulge them? Life is short, and shorter for dogs.

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