Christmas by the Pound

Several people have commented to me this year about the high cost of Christmas trees. This is puzzling.

You wouldn’t complain about paying $50 dollars for an elaborate bouquet of flowers from a florist — but for an eight-foot tree that will stand in your house for a month? Inconceivable!

Maybe it’s easier if we break it down into something we all understand: cost per pound.

My Christmas tree is a cut-your-own from Bob’s Trees (“Millions of Branches to Serve You”) that cost $45. I’m guesstimating here, but let’s say it weighed forty pounds. That breaks down to just $1.12 a pound. If you ask me, $1.12 a pound for an agricultural product that took ten years to grow is a bargain.

Go ahead and do your own calculations — but I don’t think you’ll find the price of your tree to be outrageous, regardless of the numbers you plug in.

I hate to suggest that we can quantify everything strictly by price. It’s hard to factor value into this equation — and that varies from person to person. To me, having that tree is the more important than receiving even a single gift.

But if you think $1.12 per pound is too much, maybe you would be happier with an artificial tree that you can use over and over. No fuss, no mess, and — as I’m sure our anscestors might suggest — no soul.

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