Chubby Dogs Need Love, Too

On our way out of the dog park we walked past the animal control officer. He was checking to see if all the dogs had the required permits to play there. “Beautiful Aussies. You usually don’t see one that’s over weight, though…”

We have two Australian Shepherds, and one of them, Maddy, tends to be tiny bit on the chubby side. Yes, she has a pretty face and a great personality, but she loves to eat. The other dog, Scarlett, is naturally lean and fit.

Overweight dogs have become a huge problem. So much so that pet food manufacturers are targeting dog owners with special formulas for slimming down your pooch. Just when I thought I’d seen it all, pet food maker Nutripro suggests your dog isn’t getting any nookie without slimming down:

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What really struck me about this ad (see the whole series of here) is that the dog getting boned enjoying herself, as well as the dog looking on, are both Aussies. That’s a little too close to home. I’m so glad I don’t have daughters.

So what is Nutripro really appealing to here? The health of our dogs, or our narcissism?

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