Circus Town

If you’ve ever considered running away and joining the circus, now is your chance.

All Over Albany had some picturesof the Ringling Bros. elephants being walked through the streets on their way to the TU Center. You can’t miss an elephant, but if you look around you’ll see signs of the circus everywhere. There are circus trucks, RVs that performers often live in while on the road, and grandest of all, the circus train parked in the railyard at the Port of Albany.

Oh, yes, and the tigers.

I was able to sneak a peek at the big cats this morning in their cages behind the arena. This one looked up after I made the same noises I do when summoning the cats at home.

The Greatest Show on Earth is also the most complex. This is more like moving an army than bringing in the sort of events you usually see at the TU Center. What’s really amazing is that Ringling runs two completely separate shows simultaneously, the Blue Tour — which we’re seeing this week — and the Red Tour, which is hitting another set of cities.

The Providence Journal has a couple of good behind the scenes circus stories they did recently when the Red Tour hit town; one is about feeding the clowns (and others) and the other about life on the road with the show.

Ah, to be Toby Tyler for just ten weeks.

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