City Dims

I feel for Times Union blogmeister Michael Huber.

As Interactive Audience Manager at the Times Union, Mr. Huber has the unenviable job of rounding up local people to write blogs. This is like herding cats or juggling chainsaws. Or juggling cats, even. He’s does a great job —and if the online community were a real community he’d have my vote for town supervisor.

But there are people in Blogville who are not doing their part.

To mix a few metaphors, some of the bloggers on board have dropped the ball miserably. Where you really see this is the City Brights section. All I can figure is that these people have so much important stuff going on that they can’t be troubled with their blogs. And some of them have neglected their digital space in a BIG way. For example:

L. Oliver Robinson, Superintendent of Shenendehowa School District: last posted May 18

R. Mark Sullivan, President of the College of St. Rose: last posted June 24

Don Levy, Director of the Siena Research Institute: last posted September 28

Susan Lerner, Executive Deirector, Common Cause NY: last posted October 21

Mitch Messmore, Executive Director, Upper Union Street Business Improvement District: last posted October 13

There are more. Some have just been MIA for a month, but on the internet, that’s an eternity.

Look, 95% of blogs are completely irrelevant and unnecessary —but if you’re a community leader or policy type, it’s a great forum to push your agenda. And c’mon: isn’t it embarrassing to have your name on something that you’ve abandoned?

Finally, here’s the ironic part: These people have something important to say but don’t say it. I have nothing important to say and you can’t shut me up.

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