Delicious and Forbidden

Does cat food really taste that much better than dog food?

I’m not about to try it to find out.

Our dogs are so obsessed with the dry cat food that they lurk around while the cats are eating waiting for their chance to swoop in and scarf it up.

The dogs sit and stare. “How do the cats enjoy such wonderful bounty when we must eat the same thing every day?”

When we forget to take the cat food off the floor, it’s like they hit the dog lottery.

Some have suggested that cat food needs to be especially delicious beause of the legendarily finicky nature of felines. The dogs are so enthusiastic about it that we can use it instead of expensive treats. They’re nuts for the stuff.

Have you ever seen your dog dreaming? They get fitful and may whimper a bit, or even growl. I used to think they were off in a world of  balls and squirrels; now I think they may be dreaming of the cat food.

8 thoughts on “Delicious and Forbidden

  1. My beagle wouldn’t just scarf up the cat food. He’d flick the dish upside down with his tongue to PO the cat further. I didn’t blame him because this cat was rather mean to him.

  2. Our dog loved our cat’s food. We tried to stop her, but couldn’t. And when one of us heard the dog eating the Meow Mix (the crunch was distinctly different from her kibble), we would yell from the other room, and she would start chowing it down faster and faster as we approached, watching us out of the corner of her eye, chewing and chewing until we reached the kitchen and swatted her away. It was kinda funny.

    The poor cat. He’s gone now (died a few months ago), and I really think he stopped getting enough to eat when the dog moved in five years ago. Their relationship was intensely adversarial. Lots of hissing. Cat hated dog; dog denied existence of cat.

    The dog does not miss the cat, but I imagine she misses his food.

    1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the munching; once you hear that, it’s too late.

      The last thing my dogs — like me — need are extra calories.

        1. That may be… at the pet store there’s a very expensive brand of dog food made from some sort of organic, specially sourced — and possibly magic — fish. Maybe I’ll buy one of the little sample bags and conduct a study.

  3. (Just found your blog and have been enjoying some of your archives here)

    We added two kitties to our house a few months ago. We have to keep their food on a table the dog can’t access. While my cats eat really well (we feed them Orijen) – our dog eats even better – she eats all raw food. You would think that would have her snubbing any sort of kibble, but she’s a dog, she’ll eat anything.

    As for the dreaming, she could be dreaming about cat food, but she’s more likely dreaming about ripping the cats to shreds…she’s too good to ever do it, but you can see in her eyes how much they torture her very existence.

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