From the Department of Terrible Acronyms

The very best acronyms are the ones you can pronounce as a word: NIMBY, FIFA, NYRA, COBOL, SCOTUS… you get the idea.

That’s the gold standard. But sometimes things get complicated.

MILF. Now they have their own flag.

I was listening to an NPR story this morning about trouble the Philippine government is having with a separatist group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The reporter kept deliberately spelling out the acronym, M-I-L-F.

M-I-L-F? That’s MILF!

Obviously there are some cultural difference in the Philippines, and even though they speak English, the term MILF may not have made it across the ocean yet. The inappropriateness of Islamic militants using that acronym is completely mind boggling.

Anyway, here’s a modest proposal: maybe they could change Front to Organization, making their group MILO, a much more dignified acronym. It sounds friendly, too. Every time I hear it I’ll think of Milo and Otis, but who cares what I think?

By the way, if MILF finds out we’re laughing at their acronym, things may get completely FUBAR.

5 thoughts on “From the Department of Terrible Acronyms

  1. Mr.Madeo-

    While we all enjoy a laugh, your latest sophomoric rant does nothing to advance world peace. Grow up.

    Benevolet Association of Lawyers; Society Affiliation Canada and Kabul

  2. Or this from The New York Daily News about Dick Carlson’s Boy:

    *Tucker Carlson ripped for tweeting Sarah Palin could ‘become supreme commander of Milfistan’
    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    Tucker Carlson’s probably wishing he didn’t call Sarah Palin a “MILF” right about now. The conservative commentator and editor in chief of The Daily Caller started an Internet firestorm after commenting on the potential 2012 White House hopeful’s slipping poll numbers.

    The former Alaska governor’s favorability dropped from 71% to 65% in the last 15 months, according to The Des Moines Register’s new Iowa poll. “Palin’s popularity falling in Iowa, but maintains lead to become supreme commander of Milfistan,” he tweeted on Monday, embracing a raunchy acronym for attractive mothers.

    Carlson quickly deleted his post and apologized to Palin in a subsequent tweet. Sort of. “Apparently Charlie Sheen got control of my Twitter account last night while I was at dinner. Apologies for his behavior,” he posted Tuesday. Critics charged Carlson with sexism.

    “Ok, what’s this about ‘MILFistan?!’ Keep it in the locker room, boys,” conservative Michelle Malkin tweeted, adding, “Conserv women get enuf crap from lib pantywaists. Beltway boys (u ALL know who u are) should watch their mouths.”

    Not everyone felt the same way. Conservative blogger Erick Erickson took to Twitter, commenting, “Maybe my sense of humor needs to be recalibrated, but when I heard @TuckerCarlson’s MILFistan comment, I laughed then got out my passport.” Eight hours after Carlson’s Sheen post, he wrote: “I’m sorry for last night’s tweet. I meant absolutely no offense. Not the first dumb thing I’ve said. Hopefully the last.”

  3. The MILF was created in 1972. That was way way before personal computers and the Internet. Nobody used the term MILF then, not even Hustler or Penthouse and certainly not Playboy. The world did not start yesterday – not even on the day you first masturbated with pornographic images of mature women. 😉

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