From the Department of Terrible Acronyms

The very best acronyms are the ones you can pronounce as a word: NIMBY, FIFA, NYRA, COBOL, SCOTUS… you get the idea.

That’s the gold standard. But sometimes things get complicated.

MILF. Now they have their own flag.

I was listening to an NPR story this morning about trouble the Philippine government is having with a separatist group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The reporter kept deliberately spelling out the acronym, M-I-L-F.

M-I-L-F? That’s MILF!

Obviously there are some cultural difference in the Philippines, and even though they speak English, the term MILF may not have made it across the ocean yet. The inappropriateness of Islamic militants using that acronym is completely mind boggling.

Anyway, here’s a modest proposal: maybe they could change Front to Organization, making their group MILO, a much more dignified acronym. It sounds friendly, too. Every time I hear it I’ll think of Milo and Otis, but who cares what I think?

By the way, if MILF finds out we’re laughing at their acronym, things may get completely FUBAR.

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