Dog Bites Anchor

Here’s a little tip: don’t shove your mug right up into the face of a dog you don’t know. Why? Because it might fu**ing bite you, that’s why.

That’s exactly what happened to to KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer last week and she ended up with 70 stiches in her face. Here’s the video, which is scary, but not graphic. I like the weatherman at the end.

The Argentine mastiff was rescued after falling into an icy pond the day before — a story which would not have not been news at all if the scene had not been captured on video by KUSA’s helicopter. In essence, a story they manufactured came back to bite them. Right in the face.

TV news will go out of its way to show you video of terrible things: fires, car accidents, fights, murder scenes — but when it happens to one of their own? Not so much.

TV Spy reports that KUSA news directory Patti Dennis has tried like hell to supress the video of Dyer being bitten. That’s funnny, because I’m sure she’d be the first to air the video if it happened to an anchor across town.

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