Dogs of War

At my house, we were all glad to hear that the Navy Seals got Osama — but it’s the dogs who are most hyped up. That’s because they found out one of their own was along on the mission. If dogs could fist bump an chant “USA!”, they would.

Naturally, they were at first confused when I tried to explain to them the idea of dogs rappelling from helicopters strapped to Seals. “Not THOSE kind of seals,” I explained.

Hey, they’re dogs, what do you expect?

But sliding down ropes is nothing. They actually parachute with dogs, as seen in this picture. I’ve resisted going skydiving because I don’t like the idea of being strapped to some (male) instructor. Imagine having a dog strapped to your chest?

The military has been expanding its use of dogs in combat zones, for detecting explosives, tracking and discovering bad guys, and to sniff out dangerous situations. Like our soldiers, they do hazardous work and sometimes don’t come home.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, no terrorist will be getting into our house. The dogs have gotten into the habit of loudly alerting us whenever anyone enters the house, at any hour. Not as glamorous as chasing terrorists, but a job’s a job. They love the car, but I’m not sure how they’d feel about riding in a helicopter.

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