This whole Bluetooth earpiece thing is sort of freaking me out. The problem? I’m having a trouble figuring out who’s nuts and who is not.

Wait, I’m sorry, sorry; “nuts” is a term that’s politically incorrect these days — in fact, I once knew a news anchor who would change my copy when I used that word. For example, I would never get away with writing, “People are going nuts for the new Trader Joe’s.” Similarly, “crazy” was also forbidden from promo scripts. And “wackadoodle” would have been completely off limits.

Anyway, part of the problem is that I work in downtown Albany, where it’s not at all unusual to encounter people who are actually talking to themselves. When you have that many folks talking to themselves because they can’t help it mixed in with another large group of people who think it’s cool to have a loud conversation over their Bluetooth earpiece, chaos ensues.

For example, the other day there was a guy at the corner of State and Pearl going on loudly about Price Chopper Advantage cards.

“Price Chopper! Advantage Card. Gas savings!”

I have no idea if I was listening to one half of a phone conversation or someone ranting about saving money on gas. I guess it could have been both.

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