This Election is Rigged

Yes, it’s true, this election is rigged. Someone schemed to make a lunatic the Republican nominee.

The Republicans deprived us of a legitimate choice. Instead of putting forth a candidate who is competent and level-headed, someone we can trust to make solid decisions about the future of our country, their nominee is the most unqualified and unstable man to ever run for the office.

And talk about a squandered opportunity. Any one of the major Republican candidates (including John Kasich, who I voted for in the primary) might have beaten Hillary Clinton — except for the one who was chosen. Oh, yes, Trump had his chance, but he’s too stupid and volatile to conduct an effective campaign. Stupid and volatile is not a winning combination.

When my kids were small, I’d take them with me on election day to see how voting is done. I wish they were still little, because I’d be able to show them how to cast a vote for a write-in candidate. I recommend you consider Evan McMullin, who is a hundred times more qualified than Trump to be our president.

“Rob,” you say, “There’s no way Evan McMullin can win.” That’s right, he probably can’t win. This year there are no winners.

2 thoughts on “This Election is Rigged

  1. It is rigged just look at how the media carries the water for the pres and clintons when hillery we will continue the corrupt whitehouse Justice system then after first black president then first women president then first open Muslim president the end of America and elections for good so demonic welcome to the new united sheria states of America GOD PLEASE HELP US

    1. Thanks for writing. I’m fine with everyone expressing an opinion, but what you said here about the “first open Muslim president,” is just not true. The president is not a Muslim.

      Look, the Republicans nominated a guy who’s unsuited to be president, and he proves it every time he opens his mouth. If he’d pulled his act together, stuck to the issues, and stayed on point he’d be leading right now.

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