Eliot Spitzer’s Hat

Eliot Spitzers hat
I have Eliot Spitzer’s hat.

Well, not his hat, but the hat handed out on January 1, 2007 when two-hundred of us joined Spitzer for a two mile run in Washington Park. It was inauguration day and we’d been promised that starting on “Day One”  things would be different in Albany.

In the pre-dawn crowd were a dozen reporters, gangs of photographers, a large handful of Spitzer staffers, and scores of well-wishers.

I’d swear I saw a couple of people chasing him copies of their resume.

It was a swell time. The Capital Holiday Lights were blazing and everyone was in a great mood even though it was barely 6am. People were literally hooting and hollering as they ran along the slushy road behind their new governor. George Pataki never did anything like this!

Nobody could have imagined what happened to Eliot Spitzer. You’ve got to wonder what people who dragged their butts out of bed on New Year’s Day thought when the wheels came flying off his governorship in March 2008.

It was a time of great hope and optimism that we would see a big change in New York. Well, at least I got a hat.

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