Eye Witness

Casey Seiler from the Times Union wanted to know where we could meet and have lunch. Lunch? I have no idea —I bring my lunch. I emailed back the first thing that came to mind: how about the 76 Diner? For some reason the 76 Diner seemed like the right place to spill your guts to a reporter.

I walked in the door and realized that the 76 also looks like a good place for a mob hit. Having seen a lot of gangster movies, I tried to jockey around so my back was against the wall and not exposed to the entrance. Mr. Seiler has also seen those movies, and being young and agile, he beat me to it. Anyway, here’s the column that emerged from our little get together. Just for the record, I had the grilled chicken club, making my story worth approximately $8.99.

Oh…You can also find a copy of the story here.

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