Freedom Cookies

By the time you read this, these cookies will be on their way to Afghanistan.

I baked them on Memorial Day for my son Alex who is serving in an infantry company in the western part of the country, a place that appears to be mostly flat and brown. I’m also sending a bocce set.

It was great to see so many people lining the streets of Albany for the Memorial Day parade. I think the biggest cheer went up for the guys who’d served in Vietnam. It seems that their number is beginning to dwindle, like the Korea and World War II vets before them.

My father, just a teenager when he joined the Navy during WW II, taught me the importance of Memorial Day, that before the picnics and parties, first we remember. As citizens, that’s our responsibility.

I’d like to challenge all Americans to remember every day that we’re at war.

To most people the war is far off and abstract, something that doesn’t mean anything in their lives. That’s understandable — but to those who have an opinion on everything and complain endlessly about our country, I’d suggest you spend five minutes a day reading about Afghanistan. I won’t try to tell you what to think, just to think.

4 thoughts on “Freedom Cookies

  1. Thank you and thank your son for me. Although I never had the mandate to serve, nor would I have had the chance (for physical reasons), I have always been thankful for those who serve. And when I see a serviceman in uniform I try to shake their hand and thank them. Not enough of us do that.

  2. Too often I’ve found that folks these days think Memorial Day is an excuse to have a ‘cue and go swimming. Thanks for reminding everyone that it’s all about honoring those brave individuals who permit us to enjoy our freedoms and liberties.

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