“The Ghost of Christmas Ass”

I sometimes like to share things I like from the ad world, and I found this Christmas spot particularly inspiring. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

I was not previously aware of Poo-Pourri — and this is not their first off kilter video — but you can be certain that I’ll pick it up for the house. I may even bring some to work for those people who insist on shi**ing during the work day.

4 thoughts on ““The Ghost of Christmas Ass”

  1. Shi**ing during the work day? Now THERE is a topic worthy of more explication, as I remain perpetually baffled by those whose body clocks and/or senses of propriety and/or respect for colleagues within smelling distance of the common, windowless, interior, unisex can are so weak and inadequate that they feel the need to regularly leave fulsome deposits in the office. The horror! The horror!

    1. Agreed. It is my habit to do that business — with almost 100 percent reliability — early in the day at home, so I’m intolerant of workplace crapping.

      I suppose one can’t always choose the time and place. I’m sure that the guy at the library the other night didn’t leave his house saying, “I’m going to drop a load right after I return these books!” Or did he…

  2. I fully concur. However, there is a subset of the citizenry that I think actually enjoys public bathroom defecation. While this leaves me personally flummoxed, there can be little doubt they somehow enjoy attempting to suffocate innocent urinators.

    1. No doubt the worst part is the mistaken odor identity effect. This is when you enter a vacant, but stinky bathroom. Not only is it suffocating, but it may give people the impression that YOU were responsible for the terrible odor.

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