The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

The real problem with Jennifer Gish’s Times Union column, Bills Fans Need Help Keeping it Real, is that it wasn’t half as funny as she thought it was.

For example:

And Buffalo is practically in Canada. They play some of their “home” games in Toronto. So are they really New York’s team? Are they even America’s team?

Insert rimshot here. Move over, Dave Barry, here comes Jennifer Gish.

Back in seventh grade we were told to compose a humorous essay. I got to read mine recently when going through some things my mother saved. It was about cesspools — yes, I was writing about poop even then — and while my friends found it hilarious, it really wasn’t funny. I’d like to apologize to my teacher, Mr. Raff, for making him read my terrible work.

But even if Ms. Gish’s Bills piece wasn’t clever, she didn’t deserve to be excoriated by angry fans. The curses, cheap shots, and insults were completely out of line. Writing a bad column doesn’t make her a bad person.

I’ve noticed that some newspaper columnists and bloggers will write pieces that are are calculated to get the readers fired up. They’ll complain about perfectly normal things that they find mildly annoying, often involving stuff that everyone likes, such as kids or animals.  Why would they do this? Because it drives traffic. I know this because I’ve even done it myself now and then.

So, Jennifer Gish kicked the hornets nest — but unlike Lisbeth Salander, she was not ready for the hornets.

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