Good Old-Fashioned Shoe Leather

Attention criminals! If it’s snowing you’d best stay indoors. Here’s just a small sample of the amazing number of people arrested because they left fresh tracks in the white stuff.

FRUTIA, CO – An 18-year-old Fruita man was arrested Wednesday for stealing items from cars after officers tracked the suspect’s footsteps, discarded car-registration documents and a trail of blood left in freshly fallen snow.

SPARKS, NV – A man is under arrest after allegedly stealing a car and hiding from police Saturday morning. Sparks Police say Duane Randall stole a car around 10:27 am Saturday and parked it at 1750 Franklin Way in Sparks. Police were able to follow fresh footprints in the snow that led them to a trailer storage yard where Randall was hiding.

ALTOONA, PA — Police in central Pennsylvania followed footprints in the snow to catch a man who allegedly tried to burglarize a convenience store by throwing a brick through a window. Altoona police say they followed the tracks early Wednesday to a home where 28-year-old Joshua Phillips, of Tennessee Ridge, Tenn., had been staying with relatives. Officers say Phillips claimed to be home asleep all night even though his sneakers were wet and he had two pair of wet pants with him.

DELTA TOWNSHIP, MI – Footprints in snow led Eaton County sheriff’s deputies to 25 laptop computers stolen from a school, then led them to the suspected thief. Kawin Grady, 22, of Lansing was being held Monday evening on a $5,000 bond in the Eaton County Jail following his arraignment on one count of receiving stolen property.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Early today, police followed footprints in the snow to capture two teenage suspects who allegedly broke into numerous vehicles on the city’s Southeast Side.Police noted that footprints showed the suspects approached dozens of cars near Morewood Drive SE, west of Kalamazoo Avenue, and stole coins, a GPS unit and a watch.

SPRINGVILLE, NY – Erie County sheriff’s deputies followed footprints in the snow early Wednesday and arrested a Springville man for burglary and car theft.

BALTIMORE, OH – Three people are behind bars after law-enforcement officials said they were caught burglarizing a home in Baltimore. Baltimore Police Chief Michael Tussey said officers were called out Tuesday to the 300 block of Elmwood Avenue on a possible burglary.”Upon arrival, it was determined no (homeowners) had been outside to disturb anything, and fresh footprints were in the snow,” Tussey said. “At that point, we followed the footprints approximately a quarter mile and they led us to the back of an apartment complex known as Barclay Manor.”

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