Got Him By the Ankle

Former Congressman John Sweeney is scheduled to spend a little time in the slammer. He’ll be sentenced in April to thirty days in the Saratoga County Jail on DWI charges. That’s not exactly like going to Dannemora — but it’s what he has waiting for him when he gets out that really caught my attention. The TU reports:

After Sweeney is released from jail, he will be fitted with an alcohol detection ankle bracelet, a device that reveals the presence of alcohol in the wearer’s body. The system will allow Sweeney’s probation officer to monitor him from a computer.

Wow! Now that’s harsh.

So how does something like this work, anyway? He’ll be using  SCRAMx (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor), a system that tastes your sweat to see if there’s alcohol in your system. The ankle bracelet (anklet?) doesn’t just monitor if you’ve been hitting the sauce, but it sends out a signal if you try to tamper with it or trick it by putting Saran Wrap around your leg.

The SCRAMx ankle bracelet looks unobtrusive, but it could definitely get in the way of your ski boots. I’m not sure if Mr. Sweeney is a man who favors shorts, but he’ll be wearing it all summer.

I’m curious if SCRAMx will go off if a drunk person touches you around the ankles (think about it) or if you are in an atmosphere where there’s a lot of booze. There’s nothing about that in the video.

The cost? $4000 that will be paid by Sweeney. That’s a little pricey, in case you think you’d like to put one of these on your teenager.

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