Greetings and Salutations

After toiling in the darkest corners of the internet I have finally made it to the big time —but while the Times Union’s web site is a new forum I’m not exactly new to the blogosphere.

For several years I wrote about local media on a blog called Albany Eye. After its Hindenburg-like demise I decided to take a little vacation from online living.

I later launched Keyboard Krumbs, mostly just to amuse myself and several hundred of my closest friends. Thanks to Times Union blogmeister Michael Huber those posts may now be found here, so you can spend all day reading about things like dog poop, the random nature of life, and women’s shoes. I have also been an occasional contributor to the TU’s Bethlehem Blog, Albany County’s favorite spot for hurling anonymous comments at your neighbors. 

Please join me as I write about family life, current events, the media and other fascinating stuff.

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