Surely, you’ve heard by now about Steeler’s strong safety Troy Polamalu’s hair being insured for a million bucks. That’s impressive, especially considering the way men’s hair is valued in my house.

I did a little consumer research in the shower this morning and discovered that the shampoo I’ve been using, Suave Ocean Breeze, cost only $.99. Meanwhile, my wife’s shampoos and conditioners (three different bottles) all cost between $15 and $20 each. They even sound better, like her Rusk Sensories Calm Guarna and Ginger Nourishing Shampoo ($15.99). Mmmm… guarna. My shampoo sounds like a feminine hygiene product.

Not that I care, really.

I’d be OK with soap — in fact, on vacation I went a whole week using just a can of Barbasol shaving cream as soap, shampoo, and yes, for shaving. I know that sounds weird, but it was an outdoor shower, we were at the beach… forget it, you had to be there.

I did not brush my teeth with the Barbarsol, but maybe if I’d had a can of the Soothing Aloe…

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