Hell Hath No Fury

We occasionally like to remind our male readers that they should watch their step. (Keyboard Krumbs does not endorse violence as a remedy to domestic disputes)

No Smoking Means No Smoking
ROANOKE RAPIDS, VA — A Roanoke Rapids woman is in jail with no bond after authorities say she beat her husband with a broom stick and stabbed him with scissors for smoking in the house.
According to reports, Sandy Johnson Garner, 28, Dayshon Garner’s wife had a rule of “no smoking” in the house. He, however went to the bathroom and smoked. At first his wife was suspicious, but then she became infuriated, authorities said.
Temple said she first threatened her husband through the door. Armed with a broom and a pair of scissors, she kicked the door down and began to beat and stab Dayshon Garner. (Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald)

Paging Moe Howard
STROUDSBURG, PA — A 61-year-old woman upset with her husband struck him in the crotch with a crowbar and then hit him in the head with it, Stroud Area Regional police said.
Police said Dale Morris got angry over a note her husband left her and when he came home, she confronted him and then struck him in the crotch with a crowbar. When he bent over, she struck him in the head with the crowbar. Police and court records did not indicate what was written in the note. (The Morning Call, Allentown)

Just Say No to Sarcasm
HOLLAND, MA — A 42-year-old woman, fed up with her ex-husband’s sarcasm, allegedly shot him in the hand with a pellet gun, police said.
Ruth Foley, 42, of 6 Williams Lane, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, police said. Ms. Foley allegedly told police she armed herself with the victim’s pellet gun because two cats were fighting in the yard while the victim worked on a vehicle.
“She said he began speaking to her sarcastically and they began to argue, prompting her to shoot on the ground in front of him.” She struck him with a second shot, the acting chief said. Ms. Foley said she didn’t mean to hit him, but “in a way I wanted to hurt him,” the acting chief said. (Worcester Telegram & Gazette)

10 thoughts on “Hell Hath No Fury

  1. It has been said over and over again: All women are crazy.

    I am a woman and I won’t deny this; however, we don’t get there on our own. There is always a man chauffeuring us to that particular destination. 😉

  2. Thank you, Rob.

    Case in point, citing a simple fact: seven calls from my boyfriend since 7:53 am. Five of them came inside of thirty-five minutes. All of them questions that I could have handled in one call if he had allowed me to speak directly to a woman handling the paperwork at his job.

    If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my padded kitchen. On the menu tonight: Turkey Casserole (his mom’s recipe, one of his FAVES) and for dessert, chocolate chip brownies.

  3. STROUDSBURG, PA — A 61-year-old woman upset with her husband struck him in the crotch with a crowbar and then hit him in the head with it, Stroud Area Regional police said.

    I’m hoping the ‘it’ referenced in the latter part is the ‘crowbar’, not ‘the crotch’

  4. Eye,

    Sources informed me that earlier this summer, the local members of our law enforcement community responded in the wee small hours of the a.m. to a private residence where one of their own and a certain local female media figure were entangled in a bit of a domestic scrap.

    Said sources, who work at the aforementioned media figure’s place of employment, indicated that the matter was quite serious and rather embarrassing to the employer/enabler in question.

    A Blond Moment this was not.

  5. I hope they go before someone like Judge Judy who would fry them. All three belong in jai.

    You kidding me with that blaming the victim stuff?

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