Hey, Who Hasn’t Pooped on a School Bus?

Sure, you’ve read my complaints that local TV has gone soft and sweeps stories are suckier than ever, but people, I believe we’ve found a winner. This is a story that has everything: criminal activity, hazards to children, secret video, and — wait for it — human feces.

In this story from FOX 6 in Milwaukee, a local man catches a bus driver using her vehicle as sort of a port-a-potty on wheels. OK, there’s no sort of about it: the unidentified driver was allegedly pooping in a bag and then randomly depositing her deposits around the neighborhood.

That’s hilarious — unless you find the idea of your kid’s driver crapping on the bus revolting. Watch for the guy picking up a bag full of alleged bus driver poop. Ick.

Well, when you gotta go you gotta go.

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