Home Fires Burn Bright on Thanksgiving

OK, I swear this is the last word on turkey fryers. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so:

Turkey Fryer Ignites, Spoiling Family’s Holiday
COLUMBUS, OH – A turkey fryer that probably had a worn propane hose caused a house fire on the East Side yesterday as the homeowner was preparing a Thanksgiving meal. The homeowner had just left to pick up supplies and left his brother in charge, said Battalion Chief David Whiting. “He started the fryer, went in to clean the turkey, and when he came back, everything was on fire,” Whiting said. Columbus Dispatch

Frying Turkey Ends in Dangerous House Fire in NY Suburb
NORTH BABYLON, NY – Fire officials say oil from a deep-fried Thanksgiving Day turkey sparked a house fire in suburban New York. There were no injuries reported in Wednesday’s fire at the North Babylon home. Firefighters were there for about two hours. The North Babylon fire chief says the family put the turkey in too fast and the oil boiled over, sparking flames. The home’s exterior and rear deck were damaged. AP

Turkey Fryer Causes Fargo Garage Fire
FARGO, ND – Flames from an overheated turkey fryer ignited a fire on the roof of a garage Thursday afternoon in a Thanksgiving mishap at a home in south Fargo. The owner of the home, Ken Schumacher, was heating up the cooker when it flared, Capt. John Speral of the Fargo Fire Department said. “He hasn’t even put his turkey in yet,” Speral said. “He went to turn it down, and it flashed.” The thermostat apparently was faulty. Although the cooker was outside the garage, the flames reached the overhanging soffit, Speral said. That was enough to ignite the roof. Fargo Inforum

Turkey Fryer Sparks Fire in Hummels Wharf
HUMMELS WHARF, PA – Twenty people were just about to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner at the Rivera residence early Thursday evening when four fire trucks crashed the party. The garage area of the home of Robin Welch and Carlos Rivera at 99 Creek Road was ablaze when they rushed in. It was about 5 p.m. Rivera had been cooking one turkey upstairs in the regular oven and one in the garage by a propane-fueled deep fat fryer method. He said he checked on the turkey in the garage, and everything was fine, and he went back upstairs into the kitchen, which was directly above the garage. “It wasn’t 30 seconds later,” he said, “I saw smoke coming up by the window.” The Daily Item

Turkey Fryer Fire
NEGAUNEE, MI – A Negaunee family has reason to give thanks because of the generosity of a local grocery store. Their eventful day began Thursday afternoon when the Seppala family was deep frying a turkey. The oil overheated and caught fire. The Negaunee Fire Department was called to the backyard of the home on East Lincoln Street. There was no damage to the home, but their Thanksgiving dinner went up in flames. Jill Seppala and her son Brad went to Super One Foods in Negaunee to pick up some rotisserie chickens to make up for the turkey they lost. But the chickens had already been out too long and the grocery store could no longer sell them. When the Seppala’s explained what happened, Super One put together a Thanksgiving feast for the family including turkey and mashed potatoes… all for free. It was enough to feed ten people. WLUC-TV

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  1. I understand that deep frying a turkey is supposed to make it really moist but doesn’t it make it all the more fattening? And it just sounds dangerous. I think a turkey is supposed to be made in the kitchen in the oven. It makes your house smell wonderful, like a holiday should.

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