How To Get Fired From TV News Without Really Trying

It’s easy, really!

  1. Shoot profanity laden videos at the TV station with the company’s equipment. Broadly mock your business. Cast station employees as extras.
  2. Allow the video to leak out.

That’s what happened at KARK in Little Rock a few weeks ago. The videos (a short film, really) are sort of a cross between Office Space and Broadcast News, but more like Office Space. It was supposed to be a harmless side project, but things went bad when the local business rag got hold of the videos and decided to post them on their website. Three reporters and a photographer at the station lost their jobs and another five or so employees were suspended.

Here’s one of the videos — but be warned, there’s quite a bit of foul language:

The station’s general manager, Rick Rogala, called the videos “offensive and distasteful.” Satire does not fly in Arkansas.

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