I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

Who said nobody reads the newspaper anymore? Here, look!

In this surveillance video revealed by prosecutors in the “man cave” case, you can clearly see that Louis Marciano is reading the Times Union while enjoying a smoke. The paper notes that Marciano and Gary Pivoda, “Both pleaded guilty Thursday in Albany County Court to low-level felonies, admitting they slept on the job, watched television and took drugs on the state’s dime this year.”

What, reading the paper at work isn’t as bad as watching TV? If these guys has the internet down there the judge would have really thrown the book at them.

5 thoughts on “I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

  1. A competent lawyer would have had these two individuals admitting to nothing more than being addicted to illegal drugs which caused them to behave in the manner they did. A trip to say some place like Conifer Park would have salvaged their jobs and their pensions after treatment. Discipline would have been restitiution and perhap’s a period of suspension with no pay before being returned to duty with the stipulation no more incidents ..

  2. #3 You may be right —but I’m thinking the the other drug charges against Mr. Pivoda made things a little more complicated.

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