Idiot Watch List

It occurs to me that the greatest danger we face may not be terrorists, but ignorance. Here are five signs to look for that may help you avoid confrontations with people who can’t be reasoned with:

  1. Use of the phrase “mainstream media.”
  2. Discussion of President Obama’s birth certificate. Or suggestion that he is a Muslim.
  3. They have a Donald Trump sign on their lawn.
  4. Include the the word “Benghazi” in any sentence.
  5. Blaming America’s problems on “political correctness.”

I could have written a list as long as your arm, but this should get you started.

2 thoughts on “Idiot Watch List

  1. I completely agree…here are five more…
    1. Use of the phrase “Manmade Global Warming”.
    2. Describing worldwide islamic terrorism as ‘workplace violence’.
    3. They have a Hilary Clinton/Bernie Sanders sign on their lawn (or Prius in the driveway).
    4. Including the phrase “Tea Party” in any sentence.
    5. Blaming America’s problems on the wealthy, legal gun owners and/or George W. Bush.

    I had another list on my private e-mail server, but it was deleted. Oh, well…what difference does it make now…! 😉

    1. Good ones. Extremism on either side of the aisle is troubling. As for the Prius, some owners are into them because they’re tech geeks. Those are the ones with no annoying bumper stickers on the back.

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