Also Because We Don’t Want to Look Like Idiots

My former boss at WNYT, Tom Raponi, was in the news this week!

The TV station he runs, KTVU, is the one that made the ridiculous Asiana pilot name blunder. Now they’re trying to erase their mistake by forcing YouTube to remove the video of his anchors announcing the fake — and mildly racist — names of the flight crew. Raponi told TV Spy:

“The accidental mistake we made was insensitive and offensive. By now, most people have seen it. At this point, continuing to show the video is also insensitive and offensive, especially to the many in our Asian community who were offended. Consistent with our apology, we are carrying through on our responsibility to minimize the thoughtless repetition of the video by others.”

Thanks to Tom Raponi for protecting us from insensitive and offensive content — but it seems the horse is already far away from the barn:

What now? KTVU has fired everyone involved. This is too bad, because Raponi had been very happy with the station’s coverage — before all that falsely confirmed fake racist Asian name stuff. Oh, well. You try running a TV station.

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