Here’s a news flash: iPods are not water resistant.

ipodI sort of ruined my iPod at a party we hosted recently when the skies opened up and drenched us (twice) with torrential rain. The iPod was feeding some portable speakers, and it seemed to be in a safe spot, but not safe enough as I realized when it fritzed out.

Yes, it went into the bag of rice, which is what everybody on the internet says to do with your wet electronics. I briefly considered prying it open to dry out; there are a lot of YouTube videos that show how to do this  — with a guitar pick of all things — but I chickened out.

So after the rice treatment it turns out that the darn thing still works, except the screen doesn’t light up. You can read the screen, it’s just very dark.

Serves me right for being careless, but it could have been worse; for example, I could have dropped it in the toilet. No bag of rice can fix that.

3 thoughts on “iScrewed

  1. Actually, I once dropped my cell phone in the toilet; the teckie at Verizon Wireless told me to put it on top of my refrigerator for 24 hours. One day later, good as new. Go figure.

    1. This might come down to which toilet the phone went into. I’d be less bothered by a phone that plunged into my home toilet than, let’s say, a toilet at Penn Station.

      For example, I think nothing of cleaning the home toilets, but a public toilet?

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