Jamaica to VW Critics: No Worries, Mon

Volkswagen’s “Get Happy” Super Bowl ad, in which everybody feels better when they adopt a Jamaican accent, has been slammed by some US observers as racist.

Sure, it plays on our stereotype of Jamaicans, but it seems the Jamaicans themselves love it.

So, what if there were a commercial that had everyone speaking in an Irish brogue, would that be criticized? Of course not, because Irish people are white. How about the French, Scandinavians, Italians, or any other of the dozens of national groups we stereotype? Same answer.

Anyhow, another part of the campaign is brilliant, a crazy collision of viral video stars and Jimmy Cliff:

That’s wonderful — and best of all, its hillside sing-a-long is an homage to one of the most famous commercials of all time:

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