Light and Unsatisfying

A couple of people asked how I dropped the extra weight I’d been carrying around. “Took up smoking,” I explained. “Controls the appetite — and you get to spend much more time outside.”

The truth is more disturbing: I started drinking light beer.

This really is the golden age of beer. There are great variety of obscure and delicious craft brewed products around, but more significantly there is very good beer right in the cooler at your supermarket. Why would you buy a six pack of Budweiser — or Corona, God help us, which is beer bought by people who want to seem cool, but are not — when there are so many better choices. If that makes me a beer snob, so be it.

But in the face of all that, in an effort to trim calories and carbs, I turned to something contemptible: Coors Light.

I hesitate to call Coors Light beer at all; beer-like would be a better description. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a place in society: Coors Light is not a bad thing to have on a sweltering summer day after cutting the lawn, because it is so much like drinking water.

Many people have compared drinking Coors Light to quaffing horse urine, but I disagree; horse urine is surely more flavorful than this insipid stuff. Anyhow, now that I’ve reached my goal, I believe I’ll go out and get a 25 ounce bottle of Ommegang’s Hennepin Ale. Cheers!

Now for the entertainment portion of our blog post, Dan Reeder’s I Drink Beer:

2 thoughts on “Light and Unsatisfying

  1. I haven’t yet stooped to Coors Light . . . but I do always drink Bud Light when out on the golf courses of Iowa in 100+ degree heat, since (as you note) it’s essentially like drinking water, with just a little bit of carb power to provide extra energy from the tee box. Once I leave the links, though, I’m back on the Red Wine Train . . .

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