Mark Your Calendars

I remember my boss stopping by once saying he had some good news. What could it be? Are they giving me a raise? Letting me hire another staff member? Painting my office?

“We’ve decided to send you the Franklin Covey time management class!”

Oh. Wonderful. Thanks. I didn’t actually have to say those things out loud, because I’ve always had a tough time working the poker face. He seemed disappointed that I wasn’t excited.

I rallied. “No, that’s great. Who couldn’t use some instruction on how to write things down on a calendar?”

When someone sends you to time management class, they’re trying to tell you something. It’s like sending you to anger management class. It’s not because you’re great at managing your anger.

So I smiled and thanked him, all the while thinking, “Yeah, right. Like I can’t keep my calendar straight.”

So maybe a month rolls by, and one day I’m sitting at my desk. Suddenly I jumped up in the air. “Holy, sh*t! The Franklin Covey thing!”

I dug through the papers on my desk and found what I was looking for, a flyer about the class. Not only was it that day, but it had started two hours earlier.

I didn’t tell anybody that I’d missed my $200 training, but instead quietly rescheduled for another date. I eventually took the class and learned to be a highly effective time manager.

Now it’s time to share with you the secret: write things down on a calendar and look at it all the time. There. I just saved you $200.

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