Melon Protector

There’s something about the shape of my head that seems to make helmets look strange. Maybe because it’s sort of oblong but helmets ride weirdly on my noggin — and we know it’s not from having too much brain stuffed in there.

At Jiminy Peak recently, almost everybody on the mountain was wearing a helmet, and by almost everybody, I mean over ninety percent of the skiers and boarders. This represents a very big change in a very short time.

It wasn’t long ago that you would just see kids with helmets and an occasional adult, who was regarded as an oddball. Since then, helmet use has caught on like wildfire.

A helmet won’t necessarily protect you from a severe blow to the head or the multitude of other injuries you could suffer, but it couldn’t hurt. And forget about looking weird — have you seen some of the strange sh*t people wear while skiing?

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