Back in the Albany Eye days, it was always fun to take a jab at Metroland. They were such an easy target.

Like a lot of media outlets, they took themselves very seriously and were rather thin-skinned. The coolest kid on the block never likes being told he’s not all that.

I think Paul Grondahl summed it up perfectly with one word in his story about the alt weekly’s  financial collapse and closure: Metroland was haughty.

Since we’re talking Albany Eye, I can’t resist sharing a few vintage bits about Metroland:

A Modest Proposal

Alt Weekly Blues

Tube Boob

Insert Here

Look, I don’t think there’s anything good about Metroland failing. No, their journalism wasn’t to my liking, but this leaves a hole in the media market, especially in terms of arts coverage. And any time jobs are lost at a small local business, that’s a bad thing.

Maybe someone will pick up the reins and Metroland will live on. Love it or hate it, Thursday won’t be the same without it.

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