Five Minor Annoyances

  1. Local broadcasters who refer to Albany as “the city of Albany.” For example, they’ll say, “a fire in the city of Albany overnight”, rather than just Albany. Look, if you say Albany, we understand that you are referring to the city, and not the county.
  2. Blog posts about not blogging. Nobody wants to read an explanation about why you haven’t posted anything lately. If you think that’s interesting, we should probably be grateful you haven’t been writing.
  3. And when did it become OK to peel your corn in the supermarket. Just bring it home and peel it there, OK.
  4. Leaf blowers. They are for cleaning up leaves, not clearing dust off your driveway.
  5. Giving my name when I order a drink at Starbucks — but if you insist, Carlos Danger will be my nom de latte.

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