Five Minor Annoyances

  1. Local broadcasters who refer to Albany as “the city of Albany.” For example, they’ll say, “a fire in the city of Albany overnight”, rather than just Albany. Look, if you say Albany, we understand that you are referring to the city, and not the county.
  2. Blog posts about not blogging. Nobody wants to read an explanation about why you haven’t posted anything lately. If you think that’s interesting, we should probably be grateful you haven’t been writing.
  3. And when did it become OK to peel your corn in the supermarket. Just bring it home and peel it there, OK.
  4. Leaf blowers. They are for cleaning up leaves, not clearing dust off your driveway.
  5. Giving my name when I order a drink at Starbucks — but if you insist, Carlos Danger will be my nom de latte.

8 thoughts on “Five Minor Annoyances

  1. Produce guy at Hannaford, when I asked ‘What the h…?” about the corn, said they put out the can for the corn husks because people would just peel the ears anyway and just leave them somewhere else in the store. They were finding corn husks behind soda displays and the bread aisle, all the way on the other side of the store. He just shook his head and muttered “What are you gonna do?”

    The King Kullen in Hauppauge was managed by a guy who was rumored to be ‘made’, as he was only there on Friday afternoons, and only briefly at that. I know what he would have done. “Mrs Corn Husker sleeps with the fishes off Captree”

    1. “Hey, it would be a real shame if somebody took that corn and shoved it down your f***king throat,” intoned the King Kullen manager.

  2. To top it off, sweet corn is usually sold not by the pound, but by quantity. I could understand it if folks started filleting pork chops in the store, but this is ridiculous.

    1. I can see peeling back the top of your corn to check for quality, though I rarely do it myself.

      In my opinion, the convenience of peeling in the store — and keeping all that corny mess out of your house — kills a tradition. Peeling the corn is like a ritual and to me signifies summer. Doing it in the store? That’s just cold.

      The good news is that local corn is now starting to show up at farmstands; There’s nothing like an ear of corn that’s still warm from the field.

  3. A variation on your first annoyance: when political ads, usually paid for by a union, start with “Tell Albany…!” Anyone in particular? Or should we just broadcast it from the rooftops?

    1. Screaming in the general direction of Albany should be sufficient — especially since most people have no clue who their state representatives are.

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