Mother’s Day of Reckoning

Mother’s Day is a holiday that must be approached cautiously, like a wounded animal or something that might explode in your face. Follow a couple of simple rules and you should be OK. This week I’ll try to help you with some common sense tips. Today, gadgets and small appliances:

No Gadgets. Don’t buy a gift that you secretly desire for yourself, like a GPS or big TV. One exception I can think of might be an iPod, but only if you load it up with her favorite music. Giving an empty iPod is no way to show mom or your wife that you understand her amazing uniqueness. It’s saying, “Here take this thing that I bought at Best Buy. I didn’t even care enough to walk over to the Apple Store.”

About small appliances, items that plug in like vacuums and kitchen implements are strictly forbidden. An electical cord is something that you could find wrapped around your neck while sleeping. It can also be used as a whip.  This is like your employer giving you a new computer. They don’t love you, they want you to do more work.

Mothers are compassionate, caring, and understanding. If you want to test the limits of these virtues, go right ahead.  Coming tomorrow: dining out on Mother’s Day.

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