Mr. Private Sector

Paul Vandenburgh of Talk 1300 claims to be a champion of the private sector, and an enemy of the tax and spend left.

But the truth is that his hands are deep in your pockets.

His radio station is located in the Times Union Center, a building that was built with our money and is still being paid for by Albany County taxpayers.

One of his biggest advertisers, CDTA, gets most of its funding from taxpayer money. To put it in context, their 2017 annual report says CDTA collects about $18 million of its revenue in fares — but nearly $70 million from government and taxes. No wonder Carm wants you back on the bus.

Last but not least, his station holds a license from the federal government to broadcast on the airwaves that we own. The licensing fees are negligible compared to the money an FCC license allows you to earn. It’s a form of corporate welfare, something Vandenburgh rails about on a daily basis.

So, does he hate taxes? Absolutely — except when the taxes benefit him. I guess he’s just like us after all.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Private Sector

  1. He was yammering about privatizing airport security a couple weeks ago, apparently without remembering 9/11 happened back in the ‘good old days’ of private airport security. He’s our local Alex Jones.

    1. The other day, he went on and on about how “DEC” shut down the Phish festival at Watkins Glen. Actually, it was DOH. Small point? Yes, but it shows he’s a fucking moron.

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