mulchA lot of people in my neighborhood, the ones with the lush green carpets for lawns, actually make a face when they walk by my sorry excuse for a front yard. But I’m going to show them. That photo to the left is $120 worth of mulch, and by 8:00am today I’ll be outside spreading it in the flower beds.

On this Memorial Day, enjoy your parades and parties. Fill up the cooler with beer and head for a picnic. Throw a hamburger on the grill. But while you’re celebrating, take a moment to remember those who sacrificed to make all this possible.

And remember me and my mulch.

3 thoughts on “Mulchapalooza

  1. A successful link between mulch and patriotism….I’ve never been more impressed. No need to make apologies either; showing some pride for your little piece of this great land so many fought for….I think you’ve got the drunk guy sitting in an emergnecy room because he just blew his finger off with a M-80 beat by a long shot.

  2. My other activity today is employing fire and smoke to render a lowly piece of brisket into a delicious meal. It’s really not unlike the way our fathers hammered this unformed land into a great country.

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