Nice Cans

Nothing says hipster like PBR in a can — in fact, it’s become such visual shorthand that All Over Albany used a picture of a PBR to represent hipsterdom in the 518.

But when did the beers of our father’s become emblematic of the cultural elite?

My father — not a hipster — would generally drink cans of Schaefer, but Rheingold, Piels, and Black Label made regular appearances in the refrigerator. Since this was Long Island, we didn’t get stuff like Utica Club or Genny.

Canned beer was everywhere, but over the years it fell from favor — that is, until the hipsters came along.

Today things are different as more and more craft brewers have embraced the can. I was recently surprised to find a twelve pack of Magic Hat #9 at Price Chopper. I emptied the one in this picture so it would photograph better.

Cans are lightweight and environmentally friendly; they’re practical, too. For example, during horse racing season you can’t get into Saratoga with a cooler full of bottles, but cans? No problem.

So, isn’t it time for you to embrace the can? is a great place to learn what’s available, but better yet, stop in at your neighborhood beverage center.  And pop one open.

One thought on “Nice Cans

  1. First, I hope you emptied that can responsibly – right down the gullet. Second, hipsterdom has already been determined as a fad that has gone by. Lastly, my dad had Red Cap Ale sitting on the block of ice.

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