No Littering

Maeve, litter magnet.

In our house, I’m the guy who changes the cat litter.

If you figure 18 years of changing the litter once a week, that puts us at over 900 litter box cleanups. On top of that, we’ve had multiple cats for over a decade — and for the last year there have been three cats and three litter boxes. You do the math, it’s mind boggling.

As a great supporter of buying local, I make sure our cats poop and pee in a homegrown product, Cedarific Cat Litter, made up in Warrensburg. That’s the same town where you’ll findĀ Oscar’s Smoke House, purveyors of the world’s best bacon. Just as Oscar’s bacon sticks to your ribs, Cedarific sticks to your cats. You find the stuff everywhere

Cedarific is wonderful and it keeps the cats happy, but it seems attracted to the electrical charge cats generate when their furry little legs rub together. Maybe if I spray the cats with an anti-static product, we can fix this problem. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Meanwhile, watch this odd cat litter spot that features people smelling clumps of urine soaked litter, and — wait for it — actually eating cat litter. Ack!

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